Ductal® UHPC Concrete

Concrete for Site Furnishings

Ductal®, an ULTRA HIGH PERFORMANCE CONCRETE is over 6 times stronger than traditional concrete and performs exceptionally well in demanding conditions.

It's impact resistance qualities (freeze/ thaw), durability, and low maintenance make it an excellent alternative to traditional materials and an obvious choice for site furnishings.

  • SURFACE QUALITY - near perfect

  • INCREDIBLE STRENGTH - 6-8 times stronger than conventional concrete

  • LIFE EXPECTANCY - longevity 3-5 times longer than conventional concrete

  • LOW POROSITY AND PERMEABILITY - water proof at 1" with no membranes. Freeze thaw resistant

  • WHITE CONCRETE & unlimited colour options

  • STRUCTURAL without rebar = no corrosion

  • PROFILE - thin cross section/ cantilever

  • ARCHITECTURAL - consistent casting between batches
Ductal UHPC Brochure (PDF)
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